How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Power Wheels?




Cost to Ship Power Wheels

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The cost of shipping Power Wheels can depend on how far it needs to be shipped, what carrier you use, and the size and weight of the package. If you are shipping within the US, it can cost anything between $100 and $300. If you are shipping from outside the country, you may have to pay between $250 and $900.

Below, we take a closer look at the factors that influence the cost of shipping Power Wheels cars.

Shipping Power Wheels: Factors that Influence the Cost

How far are you shipping from?

This is among the major factors that influence the cost of shipping Power Wheels. The further away you are from your destination, the higher will be the overall costs involved in transporting it.

On average, shipping from within your state will be cheaper, costing anything between $100 and $150. You can expect to pay around $300 if you are shipping from another state in the US, but it might go as high as $900 for international shipments.

How heavy are Power Wheels?

The weight of the Power Wheels is also an important factor that influences its cost because heavier items cost more money to ship compared to lighter ones. The average weight of Power Wheels is around 30 pounds, but it may go as high as 200 pounds for some models.

What carrier is being used?

The type of transport service also influences how much it does cost to ship a Power Wheel car. If you use ground transportation, for instance, this could considerably reduce your shipping costs compared to some other modes available out there that involve more expensive delivery fees.

Shipping by air will generally cost more money, but it might be the only option for some people who live in rural areas. Trucking is another mode of transporting Power Wheels that will cost more money, especially if you are shipping a larger shipment over longer distances.

Size of package

The size and weight of your shipment also influence its cost to ship because larger boxes are more expensive compared to smaller ones. You can expect to pay anything between $50 and $100 for small Power Wheels that weigh less than 100 pounds.

Medium-sized boxes are charged anything between $100 and $200, while large Power Wheel cars may cost you anywhere between $300 and $500 to ship depending on their size and weight.

How fast do you want the package delivered?

How fast you need the Power Wheels delivered will also increase or lower its cost to ship. If you are in a hurry, for instance, the price may go up because you need it delivered faster than usual.

Average delivery time varies with distance and mode of transport service being used. You can expect to wait anywhere between one day or less if your package is coming from within 50 miles using ground transportation services.

Shipping by air, on the other hand, could take between three days and one week.

Some people also opt for overnight shipping, in which case they will have to pay more money than usual because it is a premium service that delivers packages within 24 hours from when they are shipped out of the warehouse.

Tips for Reducing Power Wheels Shipping Costs

Choose a product that’s not assembled.

A pre-assembled toy means a larger package and more expensive shipping fees compared to those that are not pre-assembled. If you choose a product that’s shipped as an unassembled kit, for instance, it will be smaller and lighter, meaning lower transport costs in the end.

If you are curious if Power Wheels are hard to assemble check this out.

Choose a carrier with flexible rates and schedules.

You can also save money by choosing a carrier service provider like UPS or FedEx that offers flexible rates and schedules. Some carriers offer discounts if you are willing to ship your Power Wheels over the weekends, for instance, while others have low-cost options for late deliveries.

Choose a local shipping company.

Shipping locally is usually cheaper compared to international shipments because there are no additional fees involved. You can also save money by opting for a carrier service that’s located in your area.

Time your purchase carefully to take advantage of promotional rates and discounts

Carrier service providers offer different discount options depending on what time you place an order. You can save money by ordering early in the day when prices are relatively low.

For instance, waiting until later could mean that they have raised their prices or run out of stock completely.

Have the distributor pay for it.

If you are buying a Power Wheels off of Amazon, simply change the shipping address to the gifted person’s address instead of yours so they will ship it directly to them for you. Make sure they know to expect a large package as you read above, they can weigh a lot and it’s good to be prepared.

Most of the time, it’s more for the kids anyway, so the adult should be able to know it’s coming.


Even though the price is an important consideration in choosing a shipping service, it’s not the only factor to consider. You should also look at whether your package will be delivered on time and by the mode of transport you are most comfortable with.

Be sure to also check if you are getting the best value by looking at different carriers and asking for quotes online. Feel free to check out where to purchase Power Wheels online and in stores.

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