Troubleshooting Guides

If you already have a Ride On Car / Power Wheels then this is where you want to be for troubleshooting any issues the vehicle may have. I do recommend starting with the essential reading article below (Power Wheels Problems) as it covers everything and links to other articles as needed.

Power Wheel Fuse

Dead Power Wheels? (Power Wheels Thermal Fuse Issues)

How To Check Power Wheel Fuse Power Wheels can stop working due to a bad fuse, and you can diagnose that using…

Why is My Power Wheels Pedal Not Working

Why is My Power Wheels Pedal Not Working? | Tips To Repair It

There are several issues why Power Wheels pedals stop working, including: An electrical wiring issue Damaged switch connectors Defective battery A bad…

Electric Ride on Car Not Charging

Why My Electric Ride On Car is Not Charging? | DIY Repair

Electric Ride On Car Not Charging The most prevalent reasons why an electric ride on car isn’t charging are:  A dead battery…

One Wheel Spinning

Power Wheels Only One Wheel Spins? | Quick Fix

When only one wheel is spinning on your Power Wheels it could be several different issues, however; the quickest fix is usually…

How To Replace Power Wheels Tires

How To Replace Tires on Power Wheels? | DIY Tips and Methods

You can replace the tires of your Power Wheels with simple steps. Step 1: Choose a Working Area  Step 2: Elevate the…

Charging Power Wheels Without Charger

How To Charge Power Wheels Battery Without Charger

At some point, when you own Power Wheels, the charger spoils, and you have to find a new way to charge the…

How To Assemble Ride On Car

How To Assemble Ride On Car? | Easy DIY Methods

Did you know that it can take up to two hours to assemble some ride on toy cars? Most parents have no…

Pair to Remote Control

How to Pair Ride on Cars to Remote Control?

To pair a remote with ride-on cars, start by turning off the toy car. Long press the pairing button for about 3-5…

Can Ride On Cars Get Wet

Can Ride On Kids Cars Get Wet and Stay Outdoors? 9 Fixes!

Can Ride On Kids Car Get Wet And Stay Outside? Not for long durations. Ideally, ride-on cars should not remain out during…

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