Modification Guides

Looking to make your Ride On Car go fast or run better on different terrains? Maybe you just want to do some cool mods or freshen up the look of the Power Wheels. Well, this is your place, enjoy our modification guides below.

Power Wheels Drill Conversion

Power Wheels Drill Conversion in 5 Steps | Battery Alternative

Power Wheels DIY drill conversion saves money by using the 18v or 20v battery & charger from broken power tools. Simply cut…

Power Wheels Metal Gearbox Upgrade

Power Wheels Metal Gearbox Upgrade | Increase Speed and Torque

Power Wheels come with a plastic gearbox which is good enough to run the stock motor. If you upgrade your motor and…

Power Wheels Light Kit

How to Add Power Wheels Light Kit | LED Headlights & Taillights

To add lights to your Power Wheels you will need LED strips or individual LEDs. If the battery is above 12V a…

Lift Power Wheels

How to Lift a Power Wheels | Lifted Power Wheels Jeep & Truck

You can lift your Power Wheels jeep or truck without using metal parts. Here are the steps to follow.  Buy Old Power…

Power Wheels Trailer DIY

Power Wheels Trailer DIY Mod | Adding a Hitch to Power Wheels

If you are considering adding a trailer to Power Wheels, you have come to the right place. You can add a trailer…

Power Wheels Motor Upgrade

Power Wheels Motor Upgrade | Complete Upgrade Guide

To upgrade your Power Wheel motor, start by removing the wheel to access the underbelly. Unscrew the panel, remove the old motor…

Paint Power Wheels

How To Paint a Power Wheels | Child Friendly Paints

Find a screwdriver to dismantle your Power Wheels and plenty of spray paint. Clean the toy car, let it dry, disassemble it,…

How To Replace Power Wheels Tires

How To Replace Tires on Power Wheels? | DIY Tips and Methods

You can replace the tires of your Power Wheels with simple steps. Step 1: Choose a Working Area  Step 2: Elevate the…

Add Traction To Power Wheels

How to Add Traction to Plastic Power Car Wheels | Rubber Spray

Power Wheels tend to come with plastic wheels that lose traction over time, and adding a layer of rubber adds traction to…

Convert Power Wheels to Lawn Mower Battery

How to Convert Power Wheels to Lawn Mower Battery?

It would help if you had a lawnmower battery, wires, a crimper, connectors, and a screwdriver. The voltage of the lawnmower should…

Power Wheels Speed Controller

What is a Power Wheels Speed Controller | Benefits of an ESC

A Power Wheels Speed Controller makes the difference in a modified or stock kid’s vehicle. The ESC prevents mechanical malfunctions like issues…

How Do Power Wheels Brake

How Do Power Wheels Brake? | How To Install a Brake Pedal

Power Wheels Brake by sending a short circuit to the motor by inserting a resistor when the accelerator pedal is released, coasting…

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