Beginners Guide

If you are new to buying a ride on car for the first time you’re in the right place. Our RC Ride On Car beginners’ guides takes you through everything you need to know when choosing a new ride on car including what is safe for your family, what you need to know, and how to store it safely when it’s not in use.
Go Kart Maintenance

Go Kart Maintenance Guide

Maintaining a go-kart is important to extend the life of your investment and keep you safe while you race. Here are a…

Go Kart Torque Converter Adjustment

How to Adjust a Go Kart Torque Converter

To adjust a go-kart torque converter: Remove the Nut, Cam, Snap Ring, and Spring Carefully adjust the spring to your liking Reassemble…

How to Measure Go Kart Rims

How to Measure Go Kart Rims

You need to take a few measurements when measuring go-kart wheels. These measurements are: Rim width Rim diameter Wheel offset Lug pattern…

What is a Shifter Kart

What is a Shifter Kart?

A shifter kart is a type of racing vehicle specifically designed for competitive use on tracks. It’s a sophisticated go-kart that comes…

How Do Bumper Cars Work

How do Bumper Cars Work? | All You Need To Know!

If you are wondering how do bumper cars work, you are not alone. I found this to be a very interesting topic…

Do Electric Scooters Have Keys

Do Electric Scooters Have Keys? | Can You Lock and Unlock It?

After you have purchased an electric scooter, the fun starts! You get to ride around and really enjoy the breeze in your…

Types of Go Karts

Types of Go Karts Explained | Which is the Best?

To choose the best type of Go-kart, you need to consider the price, engine condition, horsepower, usage, and model. The following are…

Peg Perego VS Power Wheels

Peg Perego VS Power Wheels | Are They The Same?

Peg Perego and Power Wheels may seem very similar at first glance, but there are actually quite a few differences between them….

How Fast is a 70cc Dirt Bike

How Fast is a 70cc Dirt Bike?

In general, a 70cc dirt bike can reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour. However, your bike’s speed will depend…

Go Kart Paint Ideas

11 Go Kart Paint Ideas to Inspire You

Some of the best go-kart paint ideas include: Black & white checkered flag Racing stripes Flame designs Skulls Popular anime characters Polka…

Remove Spider Webs Power Wheels

How to Remove Spider Webs from Power Wheels in 5 Steps

When it gets warm out, and the kids want to ride their stored away Power Wheels, it’s time to open up that…

Go Kart Clutch VS Torque Converter

Go Kart Clutch VS Torque Converter: What’s the Difference?

The main difference between a clutch and a torque converter is how they transmit power from the engine to the wheels. A…

Go Kart Helmet VS Motorcycle Helmet

Go Kart Helmet VS Motorcycle Helmet Compared: What the Difference?

The major difference between a go-kart helmet and a motorcycle helmet is the Snell Certification Standard. Go-kart helmets fall under the Snell…

How Old Do you Have to be to Go Kart Race

How Old Do You Have to be to Go Kart Race?

There is no specific age limit for go-kart racing. However, most tracks have a minimum age limit of 8 years old. Some…

How Much Does a Shifter Kart Cost?

How Much Does a Shifter Kart Cost?

A new shifter kart can cost anywhere between $4500 and $8000. This cost, however, depends on factors such as the brand, engine…

Kart Setup Guide

A Complete Kart Setup Guide for Dummies 2022

Setting up your kart will involve getting the right tire pressure, steering wheel and tire alignment, and getting the right camber angle….

How to Remove Rear Wheel on Go Kart

How to Remove Rear Wheel on Go Kart in 7 Steps

To remove the rear wheel of a go-kart: Park the Kart on a Level Surface Gather Your Tools Loosen the Chain or…

How to Measure a Kids Bike

How to Measure a Kids Bike

To measure a kid’s bike, consider factors like: The type of the bike The age of the kid Height of the child…