Beginners Guide

If you are new to buying a ride on car for the first time you’re in the right place. Our RC Ride On Car beginners’ guides takes you through everything you need to know when choosing a new ride on car including what is safe for your family, what you need to know, and how to store it safely when it’s not in use.

How to Remove Rear Wheel on Go Kart

How to Remove Rear Wheel on Go Kart in 7 Steps

To remove the rear wheel of a go-kart: Park the Kart on a Level Surface Gather Your Tools Loosen the Chain or…

How to Measure a Kids Bike

How to Measure a Kids Bike

To measure a kid’s bike, consider factors like: The type of the bike The age of the kid Height of the child…

Go Kart Wheel Sizes

Go Kart Wheel Sizes Explained | How to Choose the Right One

The dimension of a go-kart wheel is often given in three numbers; an example is 10×4.5-5. The first number (10) tells you…

Kart Gearing Tips

9 Best Kart Gearing Tips for Beginners

The best gearing tips for the ultimate go-kart experience on the track include: Choose the right gear ratio Choose the right engine…

How to Make a Go Kart Turn Better

How to Make a Go Kart Turn Better in 8 Ways

To make a Go-Kart turn better: Adjust the Front End Toes-In or Toes-Out Make Balance Adjustments Install a Stiffer Rear Sway Bar…

Add Suspension to Go Kart

How to Add Suspension to Your Go Kart in 7 Steps

To add suspension to a go-kart: Cut the tubing to the desired length Thread springs through the holes in the tubing and…

Are Scooters Safer than Motorcycles

Are Scooters Safer than Motorcycles? | Scooters Vs Motorcycles

Scooters are involved in fewer accidents than motorcycles, and they cause fewer fatalities when involved in accidents. Scooters are safer than motorcycles…

What Age is a 125cc Dirt Bike for

What Age is a 125cc Dirt Bike For?

A 125cc dirt bike is suitable for kids aged between 12-14 years. However, other factors such as weight and height should also…

Can a Scooter be Left Out in the Rain

Can a Scooter be Left Out in the Rain? Can They Get Wet?

It’s not advisable to leave a motor scooter in the rain because it may cause mechanical or electrical damage. It would be…

How to Tell if Power Wheels Battery is Charging

How to Tell If Power Wheels Battery Is Charging

To tell if a Power Wheel battery is charging, use a digital voltmeter to record voltage before and after charging. An increase…

Will I Fit in a Go Kart

Will I Fit in a Go Kart?

Three things determine whether you will fit in a go-kart, namely your height, weight, and the go-kart model. Go-karts models are standardized…

Old Power Wheels

What to do with Old Power Wheels

You can turn your old Power Wheels into various carts such as shopping or garden carts. You may also reuse the batteries,…

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