Can a Scooter be Left Out in the Rain? Can They Get Wet?

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  • Date: July 20, 2022
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It’s not advisable to leave a motor scooter in the rain because it may cause mechanical or electrical damage. It would be advisable to keep your scooter covered when it is raining to prevent water from sipping into the interior of the scooter. Unless a manufacturer says that a scooter is waterproof, don’t leave your scooter out in the rain. 

Keep in mind if it is not an electrical scooter it can still be damaged by getting rusty if it’s not dried off after it gets wet.

Scooter owners often wonder whether it’s good or not to leave a motor scooter out in the rain. I will expand on the value of keeping your scooter out of the rain as much as possible.

Can A Scooter Be Left Out In The Rain?

No. It isn’t advisable to leave a scooter in the rain because it can affect the mechanical and electrical parts. Not all scooters have panels that protect the internal components from water when it rains.

Most affordable scooters don’t have panels protecting internal parts from weather elements like rain. 

Moreover, leaving a water-resistant scooter in the rain can lead to moisture seeping into the mechanical parts and causing havoc. Moisture is as harmful as water because it will cause metal components to rust.

It would be best if you store your scooter in the garage or a dry location when it’s raining. 

Can a Scooter Get Wet in the Rain?

Yes. A scooter can get wet when it’s left out in the rain. Moreover, water can seep into your scooter’s electrical and mechanical parts and damage them.  

Moisture and water can cause rust in the internal parts and make it inoperable. Therefore, be careful to ensure your scooter stays dry whenever it rains. 

How Do You Know A Scooter Is Waterproof or Water-Resistant?

You can check your manufacturer manual to see whether your scooter is waterproof or water-resistant. Most affordable motor scooters don’t protect against rain or wet conditions. 

Alternatively, you need to check the IP rating of your scooter to see how it performs in wet conditions. 

A low or zero IP rating indicates that your scooter model won’t survive exposure to rain. A high IP rating shows that your scooter can stay out in the rain for a while without damage.  

Overall, it would be best to avoid leaving your scooter in the rain where it can get wet. 

How To Keep Your Scooter Dry During The Rainy Season

There are multiple ways you can ensure that your scooter is dry in several ways.

  • Keep It In The Garage 

Keep your scooter in the garage when it rains to ensure that it stays dry. Remove the battery in your scooter if you intend to store it in the garage for a long duration. Disconnecting the battery prevents it from draining due to the cold. 

  • Store It Under An Awning 

Storing one under an awning will keep it dry and ensure that it’s in the shade when it’s sunny. It would be advisable to have a canopy for your scooter, even if it’s waterproof, to prevent the wear and tear of the paint in the rainy season.   

Heavy rain can cause paint to chip and leave your scooter looking weird all the time. Once the paint chips, your scooter will start to rust, and the metal will deteriorate.

  • Buy A Tarp

A tarp is an excellent choice for individuals who don’t have a garage or an awning. You can buy a tarp that’s specifically designed for a scooter to keep it dry.

It would be best if you had a tarp with drawstrings to keep the tarp close to the scooter. 

Also, find a tarp that is all-weather resistant to withstand all weather conditions. Find a high-quality tarp that won’t tear when there are strong winds when it’s raining.  

What To Do When Your Scooter Gets Wet?

There are times when you can’t get out of the rain in advance, and your scooter may be in the rain a little bit. Another scenario is whereby you leave your scooter out during a sunny day and when it rains in the afternoon when you are away.  

Here’s what you should do when your scooter is wet or gets rained on.  

  • Transfer the scooter to a warm and dry area. The new location should have good air circulation to allow the scooter to dry. 
  • Wipe any water on your scooter and do your best to wipe any internal areas. Try your best to wipe all moisture from your scooter so that it can dry out sufficiently. 
  • Check under the hood to ensure no moisture in the battery compartment. You can disconnect and remove the battery from the scooter to ensure it dries completely.
  • Turn on the heat in your garage or keep the scooter under the sun so the moisture insides evaporate.
  • Be patient and wait for the scooter to dry off completely before you try to start your scooter afresh.  
  • Try to start the scooter after it is dry to see any mechanical or electrical damage. 

Overall, you should wipe any moisture and keep it in a warm place. Do your best to ensure that your scooter will dry out any water today. 

Scooters and Water FAQS

Can An Electric Scooter Stop Working When Rained On? 

Yes. An electronic scooter can stop working if it’s rained on because water interferes with electrical parts. Motor scooters will probably get damaged when rained on. You may have to replace the motor and electrical system if your scooter gets wet because of rain. 

Are There Waterproof Scooters? 

There are some models of scooters that are waterproof while others are not. Waterproof scooters have a seal to prevent water from getting into sensitive parts.

However, waterproof scooters are still prone to moisture sipping into the electrical components.  

Can I Leave My Scooter Out In The Rain? 

No. Don’t leave your scooter out in the rain, even for a short duration. Heavy rains can ruin your scooter once the water gets into the interior parts.

It would be best to make arrangements before the rainy season where you should store your scooter—having a specific storage location.

Does A Tarp Work Well? 

A tarp works well when tightened around the scooter to prevent it from being blown away. Also, a tarp with drawstrings will ensure that it doesn’t come off on the sides.

Overall, choose a tarp with drawstrings instead of one that doesn’t even if you have to pay extra.

How Much Damage Can Water Cause To A Scooter? 

Rainwater can cause mechanical parts to start rusting, breaking off over time. Your scooter will begin breaking down a little while after the scooter gets rained on.  

Another aspect is that the electrical parts can short out and stop working and you’ll have to replace them immediately after it rained on.

Most spare parts are expensive, and you will incur unnecessary expenses when you leave your scooter out in the rain. Probably best to get a new scooter than try to fix it.


Don’t leave a scooter out in the rain if you want it to be usable. Find a suitable location for your scooter to expose it to the rainfall. Even if your scooter is waterproof, try not to leave it in the rain. 

Do whatever is possible to ensure that you don’t expose your scooter to rainfall. Also,  always plan to store your scooter before the wet season arrives, and carry a cover or tarp. 

If you left it out in the rain we do recommend getting a new scooter as it’s cheaper than having them repaired. You can see the kid’s scooters we recommend here.

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