Are Power Wheels Dangerous

Are Power Wheels Dangerous?

Power Wheels are impressive, and Fisher-Prize adheres to safety standards all the way. The company has created some of the best safety policies to ensure their ride-on toys are safe for children. Power Wheels safety features include a seat belt, speed lock-out lever, brakes, and parental remote control.  It is usual for parents to wonder, […]

Convert Power Wheels to Remote Control

How To Convert Power Wheels to Remote Control

You don’t have to worry when your Power Wheels remote control stops working. You can upgrade, modify, or replace a remote control system in Power Wheels with the following steps.  Prepare the Vehicle Remove Control Parts Install the New System  Connect the Receiver  Test Drive  Power Wheels remote control systems can become defective or wear […]

Electric Bikes be Used on Bike Paths

Can Electric Bikes Be Used On Bike Paths?

Laws that determine whether cyclists can use electric bikes on bike paths vary from state to state. Many states allow electric bike owners to ride their bikes on pavements and roadways. However, many states still struggle with the classification of electronic bikes.  Many electronic bike owners often ask, ‘can electric bikes be used on bike […]