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  • Date: July 20, 2022
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Scooters are involved in fewer accidents than motorcycles, and they cause fewer fatalities when involved in accidents. Scooters are safer than motorcycles because they have small engines and low maximum speed limits. Moreover, scooter accidents survivors have fewer injuries despite not wearing safety gear except for a helmet.

The debate on whether scooters are safer than motorcycles has been raging on for years. However, incident reports in most countries show that scooters are involved in fewer accidents and traffic law violations.

This blog will explore why the public views scooter as a safer option than motorcycles. You will also learn what to consider when deciding whether to invest in a scooter or a bike.

Are Scooters Safer Than Motorcycles?

The most exciting factor about scooters and motorcycles is that they are two-wheel vehicles. Despite the similarities, people firmly believe that scooters are safer than motorcycles, and that’s why they choose scooters over motorcycles. 

In truth, there aren’t many security features on scooters that are not present in motorcycles. The difference is that scooters go slower and tend to be involved in fewer single-motor accidents than motorcycles. 

In a nutshell, a scooter is safer because it goes at lower speeds than a motorcycle, which allows scooter riders to navigate effectively. Scooter drivers have more time calculating their navigation when riding than motorcycle riders do.

The downside of scooters’ low speed is that a rider can’t escape fast if they notice a potential accident with oncoming traffic. A scooter is not fast enough to outmaneuver an oncoming car or another motorcycle. 

How Fast Do Scooters Go Compared to Motorcycles?

Depending on the model, scooters and motorcycles come with different maximum speed limits. 50cc scooters have a top speed of about 30mph, while a 125cc scooter can do 70mph. However, most scooters have a maximum speed limit, and you can choose the one that suits you well. 

A 100cc motorcycle can achieve a speed of 50-60 mph, while 1000cc motorcycles can reach maximum speeds of 185-200 mph. Superbikes can achieve a top speed of 300 mph and above.

Overall, most motorcycles have a higher top speed than scooters because they come with powerful motors.        

How Do Low Speeds Make Scooters Safe?

Traveling at low speeds allows a scooter rider to make navigation decisions in advance, depending on their journey. For example, a scooter rider can navigate sharp corners more safely because they can adjust their course before going off the road. 

On the other hand, motorcycle riders can find themselves in a single motor accident when navigating sharp corners because they couldn’t correct a judgment error on time. Motorcycle accidents happen within a few seconds because of riders’ high speeds. 

Moreover, numerous reports show that going at high speeds on motor vehicles is a leading cause of road accidents and fatalities. The fact that affordable scooters can’t go at high-speed limits makes them safer than motorcycles.

Most scooters that can go at high-speed limits are expensive because they have powerful motors.   

Do Scooters Have More Safety Features Than Motorcycles?

No. Motorcycles have more safety features than scooters do. Motorcycles have front and back brakes for efficient stopping whenever the rider needs them.

Also, motorcycles have bigger tires that offer more traction and ensure that riders are comfortable on uneven terrain. 

Scooters don’t have many safety features, and riders should wear the same safety gear as motorcycle riders to reduce the impact of an accident. The speed at which a scooter can go counters the lack of safety features because there are fewer odds of accidents at low-speed limits. 

Does The Riders Age Factor Into Scooter Safety?

Most scooters are for high school kids and old-timers who want to get from one place to another without a driving license. Parents prefer to buy scooters for high school kids instead of a car because of the low speeds.

Older people get scooters because you aren’t required to get a license or go for training to ride one.

Both demographics are less likely to be found in high-traffic areas on their scooters, and they mostly use the scooters to go short distances. Moreover, kids have a curfew to be home early, and older people like to relax in the evening.

Therefore, both demographics have few reasons to be driving at the maximum speed when using a scooter.

The other age group that uses scooters is individuals in the workforce that need affordable and cost-effective means of getting to and from work. Most working-class scooter users only use a scooter to and from work.

Moreover, they are motivated to drive carefully because their scooters help them save on daily commute expenses. 

Are Motorcycle Riders Reckless?

The majority of motorcycle users are young adults in college or just graduated from college. Older adults with motorcycles use them occasionally but not as their daily mode of transport.   

Since most motorcycle users are young, they are always looking to test the speed limits of their motorcycles. There are so many accidents that happen to motorcycle riders because of street racing to see whose bike can go fastest.

Moreover, motorcycle riders are prone to drunk driving, especially on the weekends. 

It appears that a significant number of motorcycle riders are reckless and like to ride their bikes at high speeds. Motorcycles have powerful engines that achieve high-speed limits fast, and riders cannot control them efficiently in a tight spot. 

Has Research Proven That Scooters Are Safer Than Motorcycles?

Researchers cannot prove that there are fewer scooter accidents than motorcycles because scooters are safer. Researchers can identify the only reason that scooters go at lower speeds, which allows riders to navigate more efficiently. 

Overall, scooters can be as dangerous as motorcycles on icy roads or uneven terrain.  

Should You Buy A Scooter Or Motorcycle?

A scooter is an excellent mode of transport for shorter distances and people without a driving license. Also, scooters are perfect options for people looking to save money on fuel and reduce the overall cost of commuting to work daily. 

I recommend a scooter for short distances because they are affordable, cost-effective, and have lower rates of accidents. Also, it’s easier to maintain a scooter than it is to maintain a motorcycle, especially for first-time buyers.  

What Are The Leading Reasons For Scooter Accidents?

Another reason scooters are safe is that the common reasons for accidents are mainly avoidable with extra caution by scooter owners. While most motorcycle accidents are due to speeding and intoxication, most scooter accidents occur due to a lack of safety gear.

  • No Safety Gear

The impacts of single motor accidents involving scooters are low impact, but they are fatal sometimes because most scooter users don’t wear protective gear. It is common to see a woman on a scooter wearing short shorts, a tank top, slippers, and a helmet in summer.   

Scooter users’ disregard for safety gear arises from the thought that scooters are safe. There is a high chance of injury when your skin comes into contact with the tarmac during a minor accident.

Therefore, always wear full safety gear and dress as though you are about to ride a motorcycle when getting on a scooter.

  • No Training

Scooters don’t require a rider to have a license or undergo any training before they get on one and go on the road. It’s essential to take a lesson or two on riding a scooter before you get on one to avoid collision with other motorists.

Although training isn’t mandatory, a few classes may save you in the future when you find yourself in a sticky situation.

  • Poor Visibility

There are a lot of awareness campaigns targeting motorcycle users and cyclists on the importance of being visible at night. However, many scooter users don’t have ways to make them visible at night, which leads to accidents. 

Buy a bright-colored scooter to make yourself visible at night by other road users, or paint your current scooter with a bright color. Also, wear articles with a reflector film at night so that other motorists can see you.

There are jackets, pants, helmets, and shoes with reflector films available nowadays.

  • Few Inspections and Checkups

It is usual for scooter users to go for months without a checkup unless they have to go for repairs. Make it a habit to inspect your scooter each morning before mounting it to ensure it looks okay.

Also, find a garage near you with a scooter specialist and ensure you get monthly checkups. Scooters need checkups like other vehicles to diagnose mechanical issues in advance, and the mechanic can confirm that your scooter is fit for use.     


Overall, scooters are safer to use than motorcycles because the most affordable models have low maximum speed limits. Scooters are safer than motorcycles because riders have to go at lower speeds than motorcycle riders.

However, because scooters are slower than motorcycles, they don’t get into fatal accidents. Ensure that you take the necessary safety measures should you choose to buy a scooter to ensure you don’t get into an accident. 

If you are looking for an electronic scooter for your child, I think you will really enjoy this guide.

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